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by Keiichirou Kita


My parents were enthusiastic music fans. In our home my mother, who was a seamstress, preferred to listen to Mozart and Schubert as she worked. My father had accumulated a mountain of American pop and Latin records. Even now it brings back many fond memories when I hear the American jazz that my father was fond of listening to when I was small. It was not uncommon for my parents to hold dance parties in our home. When I was small, I stood on my father's feet as he danced, and in this way I was able to dance as well. I attended classical music concerts together with my parents when I was small. At the age of four, at my mother's urging I began to study the piano. At that time it was a rather rare thing for a young man to do, but until I was 18 I studied the piano with many young women. At one time I considered making the piano my career.

At the age of 13, I came down with an illness of unknown origin, and my blood pressure rose dramatically. I was in and out of hospitals repeatedly in search of treatment. My illness was diagnosed as nephrosis of the kidneys, and I was hospitalized for one year. During this year, I was forced to stay in bed. I did not see any improvement from the treatment I received in the hospital, and I was very isolated and lonely during this long period in a hospital bed. There were daily injections and intravenous drips, and my body and mind became that of a sick person. My only comfort was music. No matter how uncomfortable my body was listening to music always lifted my mood. The attending physician told me, that my illness would never be cured.  I was told to prepare myself to endure this illness for the rest of my life and my future seemed uncertain. Time spent listening music provided me with a way to forget the harshness of that reality. My mother was deeply concerned that I was not recovering, and took me away from the hospital to a place of natural healing. There it was determined that the source of my illness was spiritual in nature, and I was treated with “Healing Touch” (Johrei), a remedy of energy where the light of the spirit is transferred to the body through the touch of a hand. I was also encouraged to expose myself to great art to remove the clouds dampening my spirit. Furthermore, it was suggested that by eating only organic vegetables, which are produced without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, I would be able to take advantage of the power of these natural foods to enhance my body's innate healing ability.

After my examination, the attending physician told us that my body most certainly had sufficient ability to heal itself, and that there was nothing to worry about. I felt a renewal of hope. I left the previous hospital, and began attending the natural health center on a daily basis. In less than three months, my body regained its health and vigor. At that time I felt a change in my heart. When I was in the original hospital, I felt that my sickness was something that the doctor would heal and that my only role was to spend my days waiting passively to get better. As I began attending the natural healing place, I realized that healing was not something the doctor would provide, but something that I, myself, must bring about. My recovery was up to me. With the healing touch(Johrei)therapy I was receiving as a foundation, I drew upon the healing power dwelling within me to recover from my illness and move forward with a positive spirit.

I returned to school, and developed a habit of stopping at record shops nearly every day. I searched for music that touched my heart, and saved up my allowance to buy those selections that moved me. At home I could be found sitting in front of the stereo listening to my purchases nearly every day. The classical music of  Shostakovich, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky and other composers of the Romantic period became my favorites at that time. Rock music or pop, for example, with their pounding energy, seemed to make me tired, and I never liked it. Without being consciously aware of it, I collected music that shared a rhythm with my heart that resonated within me and gave me hope that flowed smoothly and naturally without jarring dissonance. I was deeply moved by Glen Gould's playing of Bach. I found that I was not satisfied with the stereo equipment available to me, and while still in junior high school, I began to develop my own original playback equipment that would enable me to achieve the tone quality I desired.

During high school I began to study vocal music, and I considered studying music in university. However, due to my life-changing illness, I wanted to pursue a career that would make the most of my experience, and I felt that studying social welfare at university would provide that opportunity; I ended up studying social welfare in university. I attended a Presbyterian university, thus I was able to partake of prayer time accompanied by hymns. An American professor lived on the campus, and during my time at the university I was able to learn English from this professor.

After graduation, I begin to question whether or not I wanted to actually pursue a career in social welfare. I entered a company that specialized in planning works of environmental music, and designing and building comfortable spaces for listening to music. My job offered many challenges. I learned that I could create public spaces that reverberated with sound wave energy, and create what seemed to be works of art in thin air as these sound waves filled the space. Through the creative use of sound energy, urban areas could be made more comforting and gentler to all living things. Through my job, I came across a new product developed by Pioneer for listening to music with the whole body. I was invited by another company to work for them, and I began an even more challenging career. Due to my illness and experience with being close to death, I felt that my life was a gift. I thought that I should make use of my life to somehow give something back to society. It made me contemplate what the purpose of my life actually was. At that time the name of Pioneer was Fukuin (Word of God) Electronics. I felt an interest in Pioneer because of its name, and also because I had heard that the founder of Pioneer, Nozomu Matsumoto, who named the company for “using sound to transmit the word of God”, had been very interested in this invention that transmitted music to the body.

The name of the company where I began working was Bodysonic. Bodysonic specialized in developing products that transmitted music's oscillations to the body. As this was a new concept, and quite difficult for non-specialists to understand, there were many difficult times. We conceptualized a variety of these devices, for use on beds or chairs or on the floor, to coordinate with various human postures. Our company also developed chairs and beds for use in sound therapy, and we briefly felt that we were on the verge of success, but ultimately this was not to be. As it seemed we were not able to successfully sell products connected to the bodily sensation of music, there was some discussion regarding diversifying into other areas to make a profit. While this difficult period was occurring, I was overcome by stress and exhaustion and collapsed. I suffered from acute hepatitis and jaundice, and was unable to work for more than one month. As I had had the experience of being healed with natural remedies during my serious illness in junior high, I decided not to receive treatment from Western medicine. Instead, I began receiving treatment at Noguchi Natural Health Center. Instead of using pharmaceuticals, I received only spinal adjustments, and energy healing (called yuki), and special exercises to unconsciously warm the body (Katsugen movements), to treat my illness. At Noguchi Natural Health Center, the patients were in control of their recovery, and the healing power that lies dormant within everyone was called forth. Work was also done on training the subconscious mind,  and I developed my natural healing ability at a much deeper level. Bach and Mozart played in the background while we practiced our special exercises I felt very confident that this method would heal me, and I was completely without any doubts whatsoever. Once again, I received the guidance of Dr. Yusuke Noguchi himself, who strongly believed in the vital strength of my body, and who taught me that sickness is just a process through which the body becomes even stronger and more vigorous.

This illness changed my life dramatically. I was able to calmly face myself and contemplate my existence. I felt strongly that I wanted to work the way that was most meaningful and important to me, and I also wanted to succeed at my job, receive promotions and be successful financially. I sensed a gap between what was in my dreams and what my reality was at that time. That internal mental stress was what caused my illness. The company seemed to be giving up on the development of products related to the bodily sensation of music, and my arguments against the policy of switching to other products contributed to my increased stress level. I thought again about what it was that I really wanted to do with my life. Should I work to make money, should I do what made me happy, or should I try to give something back to society? I was not certain which was my true path.

I realized that I had to determine what I really wanted to do with my life. I was unsure whether I should pursue financial gain, or instead focus on finding my life's calling and contributing in a meaningful way to society. Ultimately, I decided to follow my heart, and choose a job that was what I really wanted to do. Rather than chase after wealth or social position, I determined to find a career that brought me true happiness and joy. It seemed clear that if I did my best at my job, I would be able to earn an appropriate amount of money and be able to support myself.

After a frank assessment of my hopes and desires, I realized what I most wanted to do was promote worldwide the system for sensing music with the body that Pioneer founder Nozomu Matsumoto had started. Through the use of this system, I wanted to play a role in preventing disease, promoting wellness, and creating beauty. Although there were challenges at that time,
I was confident that the system would become one that could contribute in a substantial way to meeting the needs of society. In contrast to the large-scale devices that had previously been attempted, I felt that what was needed was a smaller device that could be held in the hand.

When I had recovered from my illness through natural remedies, I returned to my company and presented my ideas regarding a system for sensing music with the body. Within the company, any proposals were developed for the system. After that, the miniaturization of the apparatus progressed well, but the company gradually moved away from the project into other areas. I began to be concerned that the company's objectives and my personal vision were starting to diverge. It was then that someone I trusted advised me that the time might have come to leave the company and pursue my own path. The thought of taking on by myself the task of pursuing this system and promoting it throughout society for the rest of my working life was daunting, and I found it hard to gather the courage to make this step. However, these words of advice became the catalyst for me to make this decision.

I informed my company of my decision to strike out on my own, and explained my vision to my colleagues. I could find no one who understood my dream, and I heard nothing but objections from those with whom I spoke. Some expressed their belief that the timing was bad, others that throwing away the position I had achieved in the company was a waste after all of my hard work to get there, and still others that what I was pursuing was futile. Due to the extent of the criticism I received, I felt I should spend some time reflecting on what it was that I really wanted to do. When I spent time thinking of my new company and the work I would be doing, I felt a sense of warmth in my body and heart. When instead I considered remaining at the company where I was working, and the safety and security of doing so, I felt strain entering my body, and a feeling of tension. When I decided on the path that would bring me happiness, I no longer felt the need to look back and second-guess myself. I informed my company that my decision was final, and that I would be leaving.

When the system for sensing music with the body was being cut back, the miniature apparatus that I had conceptualized had been formally commissioned for production, and I had been made responsible for its sales. When my new company was established, I chose Healing Vibration for its name in honor of this small apparatus, and also as a phrase including the meaning of a peaceful wave surging throughout the world. One of the first projects for Healing Vibration was the commissioning of exclusive music. Fumio Miyashita, who I had become close friends with, was requested to compose this new music. The atmosphere of the music that I had grown up listening to, and the sense of the music I had listened to when I was recovering from my illness
both contributed tremendously to the process of creating new music that could soothe the mind and body.

After establishing my company, the next task was to establish a method that therapists would use when practicing healing vibration. Additionally, we needed to design a self-healing method in which people could use the therapy themselves. When designing the method for the therapists, my personal experiences with illness and healing were very useful. Holistic practitioner Dr. Wataru Kono consulted with us during this process. Dr. Yusuke Noguchi, chairman of Noguchi Natural Health Center, also shared his views with us. Furthermore, at that time, I felt a deep sense of tranquility in my spirit, which manifested itself in those with whom I came into contact. This peace and harmony then spread to others and contributed to increasing harmony in our local society. As harmony multiplies from person to person, it can be diffused throughout the world, as in the proposal for the creation of world peace put forth by Master Masahisa Goi[1], which deeply moved and impressed me. As a culmination of the creation of a sense of peace within me, and my experiences with two types of energy treatments, I was able to establish a new method of using sound vibrations sensed by the body for healing, and Kita Sound Healing Treatment was brought into being.

I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of Dr. Mitchell Gaynor of the Strang Cancer Prevention Center at Cornell University. Dr. Gaynor was very interested in collaborating in the areas of medicine in Japan, music, and wellness, and he worked towards the establishment of the Japan Sound Healing Association, which develops talent in this field. The Association currently offers certification for three levels of teaching the theory, practice and spirit of sound healing.

From this time forward, by continuing to disseminate Healing Vibration, developing human potential through Kita Sound Healing Treatment, and beginning with the health and tranquility of all, it is my mission to contribute to the realization of world peace.

[1]Author of many books, includingGod and Man: Guideposts for Spiritual Peace and Awakening,Byakko Press, Japan

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